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  • OPTIMISTIC is a Portuguese company with a large experience in manufacturing different rotary equipment and ability to produce customized compressors, fans and blowers, among others, having compliance to accurate international standards;
  • We have a large know-how in engineering, industries, and services in industrial rotary equipment and we count on the support of specialized engineering team, that uses up-to-date design software methods, and manufacturing; 
  • OPTIMISTIC runs performance tests with high technological performance always made at our factory plant, according to strict international standards and costumers can witness these tests; 
  • Aditionally, we’re specialized in providing specialized services to differents industries, being our company one of a kind globally able to provide such services, like repair & maintenance and revamping & overhaul;
  • OPTIMISTIC strategy is to be recognized as a global flexible producer, that manufactures rotary equipment of high quality, with competitive prices and shorter delivery time than the direct competition;
  • We are “green”, in other words, recognize the need for a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly business model, using modern equipment, smart and green production methods and social responsibilities activities;
  • Therefore, we are always striving for the use of high technology rotary equipment and contributing to our customers success – “Hi-tech  Rotary Equipment: Move to Success”.

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