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Electrical wiring conduit routes and protects electrical wiring from moisture, corrosion, impact, and contamination for a variety of structural and building applications. They also safeguard against severe injury from accidental contact with high-voltage wires. Expertise and experience are paramount for creating safe, strong, and effective electrical conduit.

Anamet Electrical Inc. is a recognized global industry leader in flexible, liquid-tight electrical wiring conduit. We have built our reputation on innovation, quality, and service that surpasses that of our competitors. Our pioneering products, such as the Anaconda – SEALTITE® brand, are recognized by numerous industries worldwide, including construction, military, government, MRO-industrial maintenance and repair, nuclear power plants, OEMs, power generation, utility, mass transit, petrochemical, food processing, and chemical processing. To support our wiring conduit products, we offer a wide range of secondary services

Wire Cutting

Expert cutting of flexible conduits ensures the connection is sealed tightly when assembled. A square cut is important when cutting flexible conduits containing steel to ensure continuity of the ground. The process requires carefully measuring, bending, cutting with a bandsaw, and cleaning up the ends to ensure the most accurate cut for securing electrical conduit fittings. Anamet Electrical has an in-house cut length department that can handle all conduit cutting needs from large volumes to small, including those requiring tight tolerances.


After cutting flexible conduit, it is critical to finish the edges to remove any sharp edges or burrs. The process of removing these imperfections with a metal file is called deburring. deburringWire deburring makes the conduit safe to work with and ensures a snug fit for assembly. We have many deburring machines to achieve a smooth finish.


BurnishingWire burnishing creates a mirror-like finish on strip wound stainless steel. Steel rollers or balls create controlled stress on the metal that smooths and hardens the surface to remove any unevenness. The process reduces the roughness average of the metal.

Custom Marking

Custom imprintingBranding, lettering, and part numbering are made easy with custom marking. Anamet can print our liquid-tight flexible products with your custom text or logos.


When iron compounds remain on the surface of stainless steel, it increases the chance of corrosion. Passivation is the process that removes the iron deposits. The process uses chemical dissolution with nitric or citric acid to remove the iron to prevent corrosion while maintaining the integrity of the stainless steel.


BraidingWiring braiding is a flexible, metal sheath formed when wire or glass threads are interwoven in a tubular shape using bobbins spun in a circular weaving motion. Wire braiding improves shielding, torque resistance, abrasion, strength, and elongation due to internal pressure.

Color Matching

Colored wire is not just for aesthetics, it provides quick visual identification of products, brands, or applications. NEMA guidelines designate some colors to instantly point out specific types or purposes of wiring, such as high-voltage, architectural, healthcare, data communications, security, and fiber optics. Color coding streamlines cable tracing, saving time and money. Anamet not only stocks most standard colors, but we can also match any Pantone color.

Special Liquid-Tight Covers

Whether your application requires PVC, TPR, TPU, FEP, or silicone liquid-tight covers, Anamet has what you need. Liquid-tight conduits protect against dust and liquids in corrosive or external environments, such as air conditioning units, water pumps, or stationary appliances subjected to moisture and vibration.

Electrical Conduit Wiring Services at Anamet Electrical

At Anamet Electrical, we offer a variety of secondary services that enable effective shielding of electrical wiring, such as cutting, deburring, burnishing, custom marking, passivation, braiding, color matching, and special liquid-tight covers. These processes add additional protective qualities to prevent corrosion or breakage, increase strength and durability, and improve safety. We ensure high-quality products that meet every specification and requirement for your application.

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