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DESCRIPTION:#1003 Asbestos Free Sealer is a gray, permanently soft, non-toxic compound which will adhere to most clean dry surfaces. #1003 Asbestos free Sealer will not adversely affect other plastic materials or corrode metals. It also has no adverse effect to human skin. #1003 Sealer is 100% solids

USES: #1003 Sealer is used primarily by the building and specifically by the electrical trade to seal around electrical boxes, flashings, and service mast entries, etc. It can be shaped by hand to any form and reused if necessary. #1003 has countless other applications in the refrigeration, heating and cooling, plumbing, and metal fabrication fields as well as being an excellent general purpose sealant around the home. #1003 may be painted immediately after application and will not bleed through the dry paint.

FORMS: #1003 Sealer is individually wrapped and placed in plastic bags with convenient reusable clips to seal out dirt and moisture that might contaminate the product.

- FDA Approved: As listed in CFR, Title 21, being composed of ingredients acceptable for packaging and transporting food.

- U.S.D.A. Acceptable: Chemically acceptable to the U.S.D.A. for use in meat and poultry processing areas under Federal Inspection.

-- Dielectric Strength: Approx. 200 volts per mil (ASTM D149-64) or 10 KV.

-- Chemical Resistance: Excellent resistance to water, alcohols, mild acids and bases.

-- Vehicle Bleedout: None

-- Non-Corrosive: Will not corrode Metals.

-- Non-Irritant: No irritation to eyes or skin as listed in CFR, Title 16, “Appraisal of the safety of chemicals in food, drugs, and cosmetics.

-- Paintability: Yes.  

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